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The following is an attempt at solving the problems in James Stewart's fifth edition Calculus Early Transcendentals book from McMaster University. I have posted the solutions to these problems here for three reasons:

  1. To give me a reason to do my calculus homework
  2. Hopefully someone else will find this work useful
  3. Learn about formatting wikipedia articles and mathematical formulas

Chapter 1[edit]

  1. Four Ways to Represent a Function
  2. Mathematical Models: A catalog of Essential Functions
  3. New Functions from Old functions
  4. Graphing Calculators and Computers
  5. Exponential Functions
  6. Inverse Functions and Logarithms

Chapter 2[edit]

  1. The Tangent and Velocity Problems
  2. The Limit of a Function
  3. Calculating Limits Using the Limit Laws
  4. The Precise Definition of a Limit
  5. Continuity
  6. Limits at Infinity; Horizontal Asymptotes
  7. Tangents, Velocities, and Other Rates of Change
  8. Derivatives
  9. The Derivative as a Function
  • Chapter 2 Review